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What our customers have said about our products


"e;Dear Scalecraft,

I must say I am very impressed with your company and the service I received recently. I ordered two of your model aircraft on Wednesday. Later that same day I received an email confirming my order. Much to my surprise, I received an additional email that my items were in stock and had been shipped that same day. On Friday, my complete order was at my door! Upon opening the packages, I found myself completely happy with the quality of the model aircraft. They were in great shape and were exactly what I ordered. Your company did an outstanding job!!!!! How refreshing to find a company so efficient!! I have done a lot of shopping via the internet and I found Scalecraft to be at the top of the list for service and quality products. Thank you!"e;

K. Stark, St. Augustine FL.


"e;WOW! Thanks for the model. The workmanship is excellent and your service and professionalism are very much appreciated. You will hear from me again."e;

R. McAllister, Seattle WA.


"e;Your models are some of the best I have ever seen. You can count on my repeat business."e;

E. Sanchez, Boston MA.


"e;My father loves the P-47 I purchased for him. The quality was much better than I expected. He was shot down and wounded during D-day while flying the P-47 and never got the chance to fly again. The look in his eyes when he saw the model was wonderful. It looked like a close friend had just walked in the door. Thank you for bringing a smile to his face"e;

P. Reese, Chicago IL.


"e;I just received the C-46 Commando model. It is just fantastic in every way. I gave it to my father who flew the Commando in the CBI during World War II. It brought out some fabulous stories and memories (some good and some bad). His grandchildren now have his undivided attention. Thank you so much!"e;

B. Waverly, Coral Gables FL.


"e;I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you and your products. As you know, my father served in the Air Force and was suffering from painful terminal cancer. Your suggestions and ideas provided tremendous comfort to him and my entire family. One day, his children and grandchildren paraded the models of almost every plane he flew into his room. His pain turned into happiness and we delighted in the many hours of story telling about those planes. The kids asked him almost every question you can imagine and he answered them with the vigor and energy that was not seen over the last year. His pain just vanished to the doctor's amazement. I just want to thank you again for your dedication and extra efforts on my father's behalf. The trouble you went through to help us was amazing. The last few days of his life where filled with much joy. God bless you!"e;

R. Palmer, Oklahoma City, OK.


"e;The Presidential wood Podium Seal is a great addition for that Presidential collector. The Seal's detail is authentic in every sense of the word"e;.

R. Pratt, Brooklyn NY.


Scalecraft Models,

My model RF-4C just arrived.  I had to let you know it was wonderfully packed and arrived in perfect condition. It is a beautiful representation of the aircraft that I will proudly display to remind me of a very important part of my life that began almost 40 years ago.  Thank you for creating a memory.


G. Sigler

Former USAF RF-4C pilot




Two and a half months ago I ordered a custom model, after previously ordering the same model from another company in Canada. The model was ordered in April of 2004 for presentation to a retiring Canadian Forces Reserve officer, presentation date August 28 2004. Unfortunately the Canadian company failed to deliver, which leads me to this letter of endorsement.


The model, a "e;Bellanca Scout"e; in Royal Canadian Air Cadet livery, was ordered in September of 2004, at the end of November 2004 I was informed by your company that the model was ready for delivery and provided with  photographs of the completed item. I am amazed at the details visible, and equally amazed and delighted in  service your company has delivered.


From the positive comments received from current personnel, I can assure you that you will be receiving further orders based on your outstanding service and dedication.

Thanking you,

B Howard, Captain

Deputy Commander, SOGC / ACGP. Ontario Canada.



I recently purchased the following model: C-20 Gulfstream III SC-0082.  It arrived OK and I opened it Christmas Day, my present to me!!  It is outstanding!!  Great detail work on the antenna's, etc.  Thank you for the great model.  I have many hours on that particular tail number.
Thanks again,
Dave Sterrett, MSGT,USAF
Retired Airborne Radio Operator
1st Airlift Sq/89th Air Wing