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Item Number: PBR Mark I
No naval craft used during the war in Vietnam came to symbolize the Brown Water Navy like the PBR's, which were the mainstay of river operations by the US Navy. These tiny craft were the spiritual descendants of the PT Boat operations of World War Two.

In November of 1965, a contract was awarded for 120 PBR's to be built by United Boatbuilders of Bellingham Washington, with the first unit to be delivered in April of 1966 at a cost of $75,000.00.

After the initial run of PBR MK-1's were built the PBR MK-2 boat was introduced. These boats were slightly larger with more powerful engines. The main exterior difference between the MK-1 and the MK-2 was the addition of a larger superstructure and aluminum gunwales on the MK-2 . These were installed to protect the hulls from being damage when coming alongside sampans and junks for inspections by US forces, inspections needed to stop the flow of arms and supplies being infiltrated to guerrillas fighting against the south.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/20. Length 18 1/2 inches.