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Harrier GR7

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The existing versions of Harrier are the pilot-only GR7 and the two-seat T10 which, when not used as a training aircraft, can also be used in combat. The GR7A has been fitted with a more powerful engine. Key improvements introduced with the GR7 included forward-looking infrared systems, which when used with pilot's night-vision goggles, provide the capability for night-time operations. The aircraft is largely constructed of composite materials and can carry twice the ordnance load of the early model Harriers it succeeded in service.
Since 2000, the RAF's Harriers and the Royal Navy Sea Harriers have been under the organisational control of Joint Force Harrier. This has seen the RAF's aircraft deploy alongside the Sea Harriers on board aircraft carriers of the Royal Navy on many routine training deployments as well as operations.

Mahogany wood. Wingspan 11 inches, Length 18 inches.