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Gearing Class / U.S. Destroyer

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Item Number: SC-Gearing
The Gearing Class were the largest American destroyers built during World War II. The Gearing class was essentially the same in design as the Sumner but with an extra 14 feet of length to accomodate additional fuel capacity, and therefore increased range, as well as added AA armament. The pre-eminent destroyer to emerge from World War II - the Gearing class - with the help of the Fleet Rehabilitation And Modernization program (FRAM I) - survived for over three decades as a useful arm of the fleet.

In order to achieve the minimum numbers believed necessary for its surface ASW force the Navy chose in 1958 to modernize existing World War II DDs by giving them the maximum ASW suite that would fit in their hulls. Known as the Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization (FRAM) program, FRAM I saw 79 Gearing class DDs given SQS-23, ASROC/DASH, and Mk. 111 digital fire control. These middle-aged destroyers were given an extensive "FRAM-I" modernization to better equip her for contemporary anti-submarine warfare. This represented an evolutionary development path constrained both by budget limitations and by the continued commitment to an active acoustic approach to the ASW problem.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/192. Length 24 inches.