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Canadair (Lockheed) CF-104 Starfighter / RCAF

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Item Number: CW803-AR
Selected to replace the "Sabre" of Canada's air forces in NATO, the CF-104 "Super Starfighter" was the fastest aircraft to serve in the RCAF. It is derived from the Lockheed F-104 "Starfighter", popularly dubbed 'a missile with a man in it'. Canada was the second NATO country to select the F-104G as its next generation combat aircraft. On July 2, 1959, plans were announced for the co-production of 200 CL-90 or CF-104 (originally CF-111) versions by Canadair Ltd, plus 38 two-seat CF-104Ds (originally CF-113)to be bought separately from Lockheed. The J79 engine would be produced under license by Orenda Engines Ltd of Malton, Ontario. The airframe, built under licence by Canadair, is propelled by the Orenda-built J-79 turbojet engine to speeds up to 1,500 m.p.h. Nine world records have been broken by the Starfighter. It has held the speed of 1,404.09 m.p.h. and the altitude record of 91,243 feet, both made in May of 1958, and seven time-to-altitude records. The CF-104 was a tactical-bomber assigned the double role of strike reconnaissance and tactical reconnaissance. Strike reconnaissance calls for all-weather operations at supersonic speeds and varying altitudes. Mahogany Wood. Wingspan 8 inches, Length 16 1/2 inches.