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B-32 Dominator / USAAF

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The Consolidated B-32 Dominator (Consolidated Model 34) was a heavy bomber made for United States Army Air Forces during the Second World War, and has the distinction of being the last Allied aircraft to be engaged in combat during WWII. It was developed in parallel with the Boeing B-29 Superfortress as a fallback design should the Superfortress prove unsuccessful. It only reached units in the Pacific during the summer of 1945, and hence only saw very few combat operations against Japanese targets before the atomic bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the war. Most of the extant orders of the B-32 were cancelled shortly thereafter as the aircraft was considered inferior to the B-29 and only 118 B-32s (of all types) were built.

Mahogany Wood. Wingspan 22 inches, Length 13 1/4 inches.