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Nimrod / RAF

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The Nimrod is used in four main roles: Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW), Anti-Surface-Unit Warfare (ASUW), Intelligence and Communications Support and Search and Rescue (SAR). The operating crew comprises two pilots and a flight engineer, two weapon systems officers (WSO) (tactical and routine), and a WSO who is the sensor and communications coordinator. He is, in turn, supported by a team of two ‘wet’ weapon systems operators (WSOps) and four ‘dry’ WSOps. The ‘wet’ team supervise the aircraft’s acoustic processors, which monitor active and passive sonobuoys, whilst the ‘dry’ team manage a range of radar and non-acoustic sensors, all of which are essential to delivering Nimrod’s full capability. The aircraft can carry in excess of 200 sonobuoys internally, of several different types, both active and passive, which are delivered via two unpressurised 6-buoy rotary launchers and two pressurised singleshot launchers. The Nimrod’s offensive weapons include Sting Ray torpedoes for use in the ASW and ASUW role and for self-defence the aircraft is fitted with Defensive Aids systems and may be armed with four wing-mounted Sidewinder air-to-air missiles. For SAR purposes the aircraft has a selection of air deliverable, multi-seat dinghies and survival packs.

Mahogany wood. Wingspan 15 1/2 inches, Length 16 1/2 inches.