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Junkers JU-488 airplane model


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Item Number: C-JU488
Another developement of the Ju88-family was the Ju 488. This project was started in late 1943, when the developement of the Heinkel He177 did not come to a successfull end. Junkers purposed a four engined high altitude bomber and survey aircraft based on components of the Ju88-family. The forward fuselage and the undercarriage were taken from the Ju388 design. The tail unit was taken from the Ju288. The wing was also taken from the Ju388 and an additional center wing section with engine was added. The fuselage was lengthened. The further developement of the Ju488 was transfered to Latecore in Toulouse, where Muttray became the project manager. Two prototypes were built at Toulouse during 1944 and a further four were on order by the RLM. The serial production was planned for summer 1945.

In July 1944 the first two prototypes were destroyed by Resistance sabatoage action, shortly before they became ready for the first flight. Nevertheless the developement was continued until November 1944, when the RLM stopped the Ju488 work in advance to the fighter programme. It seems, as if the construction plans should have been transfered to Japan, but this was not realized until the end of WWII.